Here’s How You Can Look More Confident at A Job Interview

It starts with the exhausting jaunt of searching for potential employers, browsing through countless job postings and then applying to the most suitable ones – just to land that dream job interview.

And, what happens when you get that interview? You already have this yes-I-almost-got-it feeling. But just when the brief moment of excitement comes to an end, the real anxiety sets in.

job vacancies in abu dhabiAs much as you wish to ace the interview, you end up with your pounding heart, sweaty palms and the paralysing fear. If you feel the same sitting at an interview, you’re not alone.

Try out the following tips and you no longer have to let the interview stress take a toll on your performance.

Breathing helps

It’s obviously not like you would stop breathing for a few moments, take a few seconds to do some deep breathing while waiting to be greeted by your interviewer. Known as a stress proven reliever for almost any situation, deep breathing can work wonders for your sense of anxiety and panic.

Once you’re at the interview venue, take a pause followed by a deep breath redirect your nervousness and focus on your performance.

Make eye contact

No matter how stressed and anxious you feel on the inside, keeping steady, natural eye contact with your interviewer will still make you look assertive on the outside. Looking people in the eye makes you appear more engaged and exudes a positive attitude.

Moreover, you don’t want to appear weird and creepy in an attempt to make direct eye contact. So, take breaks to looking down once in a while so as to keep it balanced and natural.

Power postures

Power posing is an efficient way to use your body to control you actions and movements.  Not only does practising power poses can reduce the stress but it also tricks your mind into feeling confident.

Walking tall, spreading your arms, holding your head high and keeping your eyes looking straight are some basic postures you can practice before your interview or even in the restroom for a few minutes to get rid of the anxiety and uneasiness.


You will realise that a job interview is not really a “life-threatening” situation when you’re calm and confident. Even when you don’t have answers to some of the questions, your confidence and positive influence can help leave a great impression for the interviewer to consider.

Furthermore, if you still couldn’t find the confidence to face an interview, there are professional recruitment consultants in UAE who can not only advise you on better interview skills but also help you find suitable job vacancies in UAE.


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