3 Deadly Mistakes to Watch Out for During an Interview

As much as exhilarating it is to make a career change, landing a dream job is no easy feat.

Getting an interview is just the beginning. There are a lot of factors including preparation, dressing, body language and more that go into cracking the interview and getting hired.

If you’ve managed to get a job interview in your dream company, you sure don’t want to blow any chance of getting through. So, here we have gathered three mistakes people often make during interviews that become the reason for their failure and loss of opportunity.


Never lambaste your past employer

No matter how fed up you’re with your current job and how bad were treated in your last company, slating your ex-boss or company would be the last thing you want to do in your interview.

Doing so gives off the impression of you being a negative person and jeopardises your integrity and temperament.

Lying can get you nixed

Candidates often make up false statements to seem good or what they’re not to their potential employer without realising that it is an absolute deal breaker.

Not only do lies create confusion and make it difficult for you to remember things, but also fibbing can get you rejected immediately on being caught.

Mind your body language

Many interviewees sit in their interviews with the misconception that they would be only judged based on their qualification, experience and skills.

However, the finest of organisations and employers report that they significantly heed a candidates’ body language traits like eye contact, body posture, interaction, appearance and other physical behaviours to determine if they are an ideal fit for their offered position.


Whether you’re looking for telecom jobs in UAE or trying your luck in marketing filed, it’s not just the experience or aptitude that counts in an interview. You have to have the right temperament, behaviour, body language accompanied by the required skills to prove your aptness for a given position.

Apart from interview preparation, it is important to grab the right opportunity to land your dream job. For that matter, there is a number of recruitment consultants in UAE who can help you get interviews in the finest companies as well as guide you through the process.


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