Planning a Job Switch? Here Are 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

So, you are switching? It started well and then at some point of your tenure, you started losing interest. Or perhaps you never liked your role, job
responsibilities in that company in the first place. Maybe, the company was downsizing and your position felt jeopardized. You getting a promising job
offer could also be a possibility here.




The reasons to make a switch in your career are probably endless and so are choices. What all holds importance is you make a right decision. There are
essential factors to be considered to make sure your new position leads you toward a successful career.

Keeping the vital considerations in mind, we have rounded up three questions every job seeker whether making a switch or striving to land their very first
job, should ask themselves before making the move.

  • Is it a career change or job switch I seek?

Yes. Most job seekers are faced with this doubt and happen to overlook the same setting for a run-of-the-mill opportunity. Decide if you want to look for a
new opportunity in the same area you’ve been working in or there’s a completely different field that interests you. Finding your interest first and then
making a career out of it is the key.

  • Why do I want to leave and what do I want instead?

This is in a way regarding your likes and dislikes. Pen down reasons why you want to leave your current position, which can be anything genuine from your
insolent boss, and uncooperative team to the unprofessional environment or lack of growth and learning opportunities. Whatever you come up with would
obviously be what you would not be expecting in your potential organization at all. Now, go ahead with the interests and likes part.

  • What skills do I need to land my dream job?

Finding a job, particularly the kind you have struggled for, is a hard nut to crack. Dreaming about big companies and listing you likes and dislikes won’t
alone help. You need to dig in deep and find what employers are looking for in their potential candidates. See if you have skills that can help you crack
the interview and if not, work hard to acquire the required skills and education.

The truth is there are more job seekers than there are opportunities around a certain industry. And that is why it’s quite challenging to make a rewarding career in UAE. While you’ll have to ensure varied factors, professional recruiting firms make the job
easier. A multitude of reliable consultancies out there help job seekers with Takreer careers and
the likes of GASCO careers , Emirates Steel and Etisalat jobs.


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